Buying a home 1 yr. after a short sale/BK/foreclosure?

Were you hurt financially due to the economic downturn over the past few years which resulted in one of the following “economic events”:

  • Foreclosure or pre-foreclosure sale

  • Short sale

  • Deed in lieu of foreclosure

  • Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy

  • Loan modification


Are you back on your feet now? (for at least 12 months)

  • Have a job and making sufficient income to pay your bills

  • Making your payments on time now

  • Has it been at least 12 months since the “economic event”


Do you have at least some money saved up for a down payment/closing costs or a family member who can help you?


Then, you may be able to get financing to buy a home NOW before interest rates rise any further.  Click here to see if you might qualify.

Want to buy a home but afraid you can’t qualify for a mortgage? A new government program will help millions of Americans buy a home AFTER a foreclosure, short sale, or trashed credit etc. The FHA Back –To-Work Program may allow you to qualify to buy a home only 12 months after having some major negative economic event in your life as long as you can prove you are back on your feet now.